Volunteering Opportunities

It is always a rewarding experience to provide one's skills and time for a great cause.
Below you will find a list of available locations and opportunities that you can sign up for.

Please contact us if you have any question.


If you like working with the nature and learning more about organic farming, this is the right opportunity for you. A big portion of the project includes cultivable area and the soil is very fertile.
The volunteers will take a very important part in the life of the community. There will be a variety of farming tasks to be performed such as planning, digging, planting, picking fruits and harvesting. The harvested production will help to provide nutritious food to all residents of the project.
Accomodation and food will be provided.

Medical Research

Medical research is a fundamental tool to provide newer and more accurate therapies to obtain remarkable improvements in living beings health, life quality and longevity.
Our treatment methodology includes yoga therapy and herbs along with regular allopathy. You can opt to do research in any field of your choice. The project includes an organic herbal garden.
We will provide all logistic support along with free accomodation and food.

Happiness Management

If you are good with talking, music and other fine arts, this could be the right opportunity for you. You can provide your services to make our hospital patients happy.
Uplifting entertainment brings a positive impact in patients, families, staff and visitors. When the community, through individual or collective efforts gets involved, the environment of care and happiness in enhanced.
Accommodation and food will be provided.

Medical Camps

Medical camps are often tiring but very rewarding work. We organize short-term health camps around in rural areas. Often these camps lasts around 1-2 days. We Need help in organizing these camps, collection of generic medicines, contacting local people for logistics. Accomodation and food will be provided.
This will be a learning opportunity for anyone who aspires to gain experience working with doctors, study and experience the rural lifestyle. You will also have the opportunity to connect with many friends who are into volunteering.
For each time you volunteer we provide a letter of appreciation that can add to your portfolio of community service as an evaluation of over-all personality.
Accomodation and food will be provided free of cost to volunteers.

Women's & Children's Cause

If you are searching to participate in the promotion of education and empowering of all sections of society this is your call! You can help us organizing or participating in conferences, work-shops and skills developing programs..
Children homes and economic student hostels will welcome everyone willing to collaborate at the best of their capacities in the development of our future generations.
Please contact us and we will send you details of current running programs. Accommodation and food will be provided.

IT & Software

Progressive Universal Society offers a unique opportunity to utilize your skills and passions for a great cause that will impact the life of many communities.
As our 700 bed Charitable Hospital in Nadwai is a coming-up project there is a great amount of requirements to help design the software for patient, employee, stock and inventory management systems. We will also need volunteers who can help us setup the network systems at the project.
Accommodation and food will be provided for volunteering without pay. Please ask for opportunities to volunteer remotely.

Office Administrator

A quite challenging and exciting work that requires positive attitude and sense of responsibility to ensure a smooth day-to-day office dynamic.
On day-to-day basis you can help with office work, maintaining files, registers and records. This is a semi-permanent or permanent position.
An allowance can be paid for the qualified person. Accommodation and food will be provided for volunteering without pay.
Location: Nadwai, Rajasthan, INDIA
Strategically located within driving distances from New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, while as a volunteer in Nadwai, you will have the opportunity to visit this tourist places at your liesure. Our volunteering opportunites open up time to time based on the current activities.