The modern society, despite the tremendous achievements in the fields of science and technology, is at a self-destructive mode due to improper handling of physical, meta-physical and spiritual resources of the earth. It now faces many crises such as global warming, acute shortage of worldly resources, lack of proper education and healthcare, hunger, depleted soil and polluted water.
Our society tends to dwell around the idea of a healthy and viable humanity only. The existential and utility values of the other species such as plants, animals, micro-organisms and even inanimate beings are completely neglected.
Similarly, the present leadership fails to provide guidance and opportunities for everyone to find their true potential. What is being provided is barely enough to fulfill the limited needs of a selected few. On one hand we see a huge wastage of resources, and starvation coupled with death on the other. This approach can never solve the problem of never-ending quest for power and pelf, instead it creates a huge gap between haves and have-nots.
A harmonious society can be built only with the underlying idea of “Universal Love.” The respect for existential and utility values is the key to provide opportunities for everyone to flourish and achieve one's highest goal. Our social system should sensitize and educate everybody against all forms of exploitation, superstition, dogma, pseudo-culture and social suppression. As a result, an equilibrium and equipoise can be established in individual and collective life.