“Being healthy" is the state of being physically and mentally balanced”
"Being healthy" is considered by many as the absence of disease, by others as just looking fit or following a specific type of diet, but for PROUS, "being healthy" is the state of being physically and mentally balanced as health encompasses the entire well-being of a person. So, according to this definition, the concept of health involves not only the individual but its environment and surroundings too.
Health care practices of today are sectionalized such as Allopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, etc. PROUS recognizes that each of these treatment methodologies have some uniqueness. For that reason, its approach comprehends the best utilization of these different therapies in order to offer the best treatment that suits to every person's needs.
In PROUS' view, the role of the health professionals will be of utmost importance too. Every health professional should possess qualities such as affection, patience, service mindedness, and sincerity in following moral principles.
The combination of all of these resources will guarantee the positive environment required for physical and mental wellness.