Our Unique Approach

Nature has provided ample resources for our survival. However, they are limited. So, engaging into any welfare program must consider these limitations. The fragmented approach adopted by many for-profit and not-for-profit organizations only end up draining these resources without any replenishment.
Running welfare programs face hurdles, such as depraved leadership, lack of management, imprudent skills and insufficient participation of local communities. Similarly, many welfare programs address only a portion of the problem. As a result, the solution provided by such programs is not distributive and comprehensive.
A project should include proper planning that incorporates two-pronged approach including progressive utilization of all the resources, on the broader side, and enable every project to be self-dependent. So that a project is not relying on donations alone.
PROUS revolves around the idea of finding a sustainable and comprehensive approach to address the problems of the local communities and their future development. Its programs are designed to nurture and promote local communities and leaderships respectively.
PROUS programs adopt techniques and strategies to sustain the environment and eco-system. Its philosophy and practices stage beyond all forms of religions, caste, creed, gender, color and social background. It aims at raising social existence to the level of no-exploitation.