Charitable Hospital & Research Institute

Certain rural areas of Rajasthan state in Western India are among the most neglected parts of the country. Nadwai is a small sub-division of Bharatpur district in Rajasthan with a population of around 26,400. The health infrastructure is very poor in the surrounding villages. Malnutrition and infectious diseases are common. Primitive subsistence agriculture is the main employment available in the area. PROUS Charitable Hospital is a 750 bed facility once completed.
The nearest well-equipped hospital is about 85 kilometers away. Individuals living in poverty often find it challenging to obtain healthcare. Untrained doctors in villages often fail to recognize life-threatening complications. Mortality rate among women is especially high during childbirth due to a complete lack of maternity services and trained professionals.


PROUS Charitable Hospital is a 750 bedded composite treatment facility over a span of 21 acres of rural land in Bharatpur District, Rajasthan. It brings the knowledge of ancient times combined with the modern-day research.
PROUS Charitable Hospital will provide treatment and care to needy patients free-of-cost.
The Hospital will run regular satellite clinics in the surrounding villages to provide free consultations and medicines to needy patients.
On a regular basis, PROUS doctors and volunteers will visit families in the surrounding villages and provide health counselling free-of-cost.
PROUS volunteers will visit local villages and communities to promote healthy life-style through diet, yoga and other active habits.
Considering the complexities of health and its importance of fully integrating all aspects of well-being, PROUS Hospital will provide cheap or free food to needy patients.

PROUS Hospital will serve as a basis for pioneering the research in field of composite treatment methodology. While addressing the needs of the rural population, it will cater to those researchers who are inclined towards composite treatments.
Research scholars can compare Ayurveda, Naturopathy and other techniques with the results achieved using traditional western approaches to medicine. Combining the goodness in all, the outcome will be a unique treatment methodology.