Agriculture is essential to the health and well-being of all societies. Effective, safe agricultural practices allow communities to produce nutritious food that nourishes children and adults.
Currently, as the production of food has also become profit-oriented, it is given more importance to the quantity of production than to the quality. Researchers have found that in the last years the nutritional value of food has decreased. Some of the reasons are mono-culture and the excessive use or chemicals which interfere in many of the natural processes.
Agriculture is a broad area because all living beings depend on agriculture. Good agriculture practice produces safe and wholesome food while taking into account economic, social, and environmental sustainability.
Sometimes farmers do not have proper guidelines for farming. This creates hindrances during cultivation. Progressive Universal Society has created special classes for farmers who do not have access to proper technology.
In ideal farming classes Progressive Universal Society will teach:
Maximum crop yield
Maximize the use of rainwater
Understand the science of soil and crop rotation
Learn how crops can complement each other
Use all aspects of a crop including its by-products
Implement integrated farming for better output